A blog post about CHS’s amazing new website
March 10, 2016

A blog post about CHS’s amazing new website

by Margaret


After twenty odd (some very odd…) years in the business of supplying the wonderful hoteliers and restauranteurs of the Channel Islands I though it was time to remove my light from under the proverbial bushel !  MadebyFalcon have produced this rather gorgeous website that isn’t only easy on the eye but informative too (sound like anyone you know?!) .  Have a browse, get inspired, ask me questions – preferably not about football – and I’ll do my best, always.

I have great suppliers, most of whom are not only supplying fabulous products but are friends as well, as are a lot of you lovely people. That’s key to my philosophy – beautifully designed products with the sort of old fashioned service that is all too rare.

In my spare time I file, send e-mails, dream of table settings  and get the occasional bout of much needed fresh air and exercise away from the desk.   The mobile ‘phone is never far so if you get an urge to spend £000’s at midnight never hesitate to call!

Any suggestions, comments or feedback  gratefully received